Six Flags Magic Mountain

Want to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California? Enjoy the day in Valencia, California at Magic Mountain. With 19 roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain holds the world record for most roller coasters in an amusement park.  At Six Flags you will have the largest access to thrill rides, family rides, kid rides, entertainment, events, shopping and dining.

You’ve probably stared at it in awe and screamed in excitement, but how much do you really know about the monster steel superstructure known as Goliath? That massive orange coaster was introduced in 2000 and has held world records since the day it was built. Keep your eyes open—just like you should when you’re riding the coaster—because we’re about to reveal some interesting facts.

1. Goliath is an extreme hypercoaster.
Goliath is considered a hypercoaster, which is a category of coasters that features a height or drop over 200 feet, lacks inverted elements, and uses a lift hill. This unique hypercoaster takes riders on a 3-minute adventure on 4,500 feet of track!

2. Goliath has a record-breaking drop.
When Goliath debuted on February 11, 2000, it held the record for the world’s longest and fastest opening drop on a closed-circuit roller coaster. At 85 miles per hour, Goliath is among the top ten fastest roller coasters in the world, and with a 255-foot-drop at a 61-degree vertical angle, Goliath is currently a record holder for the 7th tallest drop in the world. After you plunge down the steep hill, you’ll soar through a 120-foot underground tunnel and fly through a near-mile of steel spirals, zero-gravity hills, high-speed helixes, deep plunges, and twisted curves.

3. Goliath hosted a huge matrimonial plunge.
In celebration of the new millennium, a gigantic wedding was hosted on February 14, 2000 for 2,000 people on Goliath. Two ministers performed the ceremony atop the 255-foot lift hill, and 1,000 couples exchanged their vows before taking the steep plunge downward. The wedding reception included cake and more special memorable rides on Goliath.